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"I felt like I was actually being listened to and heard by someone who really cared and I felt peaceful. There's an aspect of listening that I realized enabled me to pinpoint the exact issue that was the cause of my pain. I have clarity now." 


 - Harvard/Mass General ENT Surgeon

"Babette was a joy to work with because of her calm presence. I was so surprised and delighted by the outcome of my first session. It was life changing for me!"


  - Mother, wife & pre-school teacher.

"The Brain Training session and the recording INSTANTLY took away my fear and replaced it with CALM AND SELF-ASSURANCE. I was invited to speak at a Venture Capital Convention and I felt amazing after my Keynote Speech which was confirmed by so many of the attendees coming up to me afterward and congratulating me on 'Nailing it!' 

                    - CEO in Financial Industry. 

Testimonials: Testimonials

"After just one session, my TEENAGE son moved from self-hatred to self-confidence.

He told me yesterday that he is feeling a lot better about himself...he actually said he's starting to like himself!"       

 - Mother of a 13 year old.  

“I am feeling an overwhelming well-being in my breathing!”


 – Client with COPD.

"My son is more confident in soccer, he helps more with chores and can drIve to locations he was formerly not confident enough to drive to on his own. I am witnessing his newfound independence!"   

-  Mother of a 17 yr old.

I was really afraid to fly internationally even though I have flown all my life, but for some reason I developed a fear of flying at night and over the water. In one session with Babette I got on the plane to Switzerland the very next day!

- 19 year old Brown University Student

"I was introduced to Babette at the onset of COVID and at the very depth of my despair. Heaven sent an angel. Through Babette's experience, strength and hope, patience and guidance, I climbed out of the abyss one rung at a time...loved and supported all the way as I learned to accept and love myself. Babette is the "magic mirror" with the kindest lighting and softest filters, but one that honestly allows you to look at yourself and find the answers from within."

Kim, Grateful Client

"Babette's coaching ten years ago had a profound and lasting impact on my life. She empowered me to change my relationship with myself and inner world which in turn helped me transform my life into one that fit the version of my highest self. I could not recommend her enough for people looking for deep and transformational healing and empowerment."

Deborah Beriro

Testimonials from Sound Baths

Reviews from the Norton Museum of Art Wellness Night

"Please offer sound bath again! I would attend monthly, loved it!"

"Really enjoyed the Sound Bath!"

"Babette was absolutely amazing. Thanks for having her."

"Really Enjoyed the Sound Bowls!"

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