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With over three decades of coaching, mentoring, studying and seeking, I have developed an approach that includes 'transformational mindset' as a solution for a multitude of personal issues and life challenges.. The science of Neuroplasticity is the main influence in this approach. The idea that our brains can literally rewire and repair themselves and that an extraordinary opportunity for healing exists is fascinating to me.

The discovery of and personal experience with this life changing modality has impacted my life so profoundly that I am passionate about sharing it with others with the express purpose of helping to enhance quality of life and empower each client to live a life of their dreams.

My approach incorporates a combination of my life experience with, study of and training in Cognitive Behavior, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Sound Bath Healing.

I've witnessed and experienced something as simple as a shift in perception dramatically improve and change people's lives. I incorporate guided meditations to 'rewire old thought patterns' and create new habits. I love teaching Masterclasses on various topics. The privilege of working one on one and in groups has been incredibly rewarding.

Having lived with long term chronic illness, and addiction , I have been in search of coping mechanisms and resources for healing. I have found methods that have been invaluable in every area of my life and which have been incorporated in creating a method for helping others.

I am dedicated to teaching the transformative value of positive thought, and the beauty and power of the mind to create your ideal self and ideal life with compassion, humor and love.

Babette Sughrue

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Transformational Mindset Coaching 
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About Me: About Me
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