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Sound Bath 

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is an immersive, body, mind and spirit experience that uses sound and vibration to soothe you into a peaceful and mindful state of being.

Ancient civilizations have used sound and music as powerful tools for healing for thousands of years.

Every cell in the human body has a geometric crystalline structure. The crystal bowls used in the Sound Bath, are made of quartz crystal. The frequencies of the sound and vibration, resonate between the bowls and the body creating an opportunity not only for deep relaxation but also for healing.

Feel your body relax and let go as you ascend into bliss while the crystal bowls bathe you in high vibrations releasing all negativity and dis-ease. Absorb the healing properties of the music and become grounded in health, wholeness and peace.

What is a Singing Bowl?

The earliest known metal singing bowls were made from an alloy of various metals and were first used approximately 6000 years ago in Asia.


Crystal singing bowls were originally a very high quality pure silicon quartz crystal melting pot used to grow computer chips. If there was a flaw in the bowls they were thrown out.


At some point in the 1980’s someone discovered they had incredible sounds and decided to stop throwing them out! Crystal Singing Bowls were first used as healing tools beginning around 1990.

Just like ancient Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls can be used as sound tools. The effectiveness of the bowls is increased when there is a melding of intent and awareness. Simply listening to the purity of the tone of a bowl can be deeply relaxing. Sometimes during a Sound Bath deep emotions can be experienced as well as a state of well-being and rejuvenation. A practitioner can guide listeners into states of deep meditation, clarity, understanding and it is even possible to experience shamanic journeys and other dimensional states.

Crystal and Tibetan Bowls.jpg

What to expect during a Sound Bath  

The format, length, and location of Sound Baths can vary. Individual sessions can be 20-30 mins. Event sessions are 45-60 minutes long.

Depending on your individual or group needs the Sound Bath can be customized and tailored to your specific needs.

You don't need any special clothing or equipment for a Sound Bath, but you should wear comfortable clothes.


Depending on the event and location you will want to bring yoga mats, blankets, pillows, eye pillows, or anything else that will make you comfortable. 

Virtual Sound Baths can offer the same benefits as a session in a physical room.

Note: Sound Baths often stir emotions in participants, so a release of emotions is normal. Some people cry, and others feel happy and some people can even go on a mystical journey.

A Sound Bath offers an opportunity to pause, whether you find it in person at a yoga studio or other location or online during a virtual sound bath.

"Being able to access a moment of stillness when everything is swirling around outside of you (or perhaps also inside) is like a mini vacation or spa day with extra benefits.

Sound Bath Benefits

From Zacciah Blackburn at Sunreed Instruments in Vermont:

“Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, a cancer specialist of Cornell Medical Center, NY, has found using the bowls, especially with simple chant and meditative practices, assists his clients to come into better states of wellness with recovery rates over those using just standard allopathic treatment. 

I find them to be an extraordinary tool for simply bathing the client in rich sounds, which generate deep feeling states of wellness and relaxation. This can lead the body into a place of homeostasis, which assists the body in self-generative healing. From this place of relaxation or restoration, one can, also, easily guide a recipient into meditative states to explore deeper aspects of emotional release and resolution, or journeying into the inner dimensional awareness of one's greater being, and the greater Cosmos.”

Image by Conscious Design
5 Minute Gratitude Sound Bath

from Art After Dark
at the Norton Museum of Art

Photo courtesy of Joni Garman

Photo courtesy of Joni Garman

 Babette was absolutely amazing. Thanks for having her.

Please offer sound bath again! I would attend monthly, loved it!

Really enjoyed the sound bath.

Really Enjoyed the Sound Bowls!

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