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Sara Beth Force

Yoga Instructor

International Retreat Leader

Sara Beth Force is the founder of Inner Force Yoga and Awesome Possum Yoga for Children. Sara Beth is a master yoga teacher trainer that leads yoga and spiritual retreats around the world. Her yoga style is holistic, meditative and transformative. You emerge feeling deeply at peace and healthy. Her passion is guiding people into an experience that connects them with their inner self and higher power. Sara Beth is genuine and fun. She loves spending time in nature and experiencing all of what this beautiful world has to offer. She also leads one on one and small group yoga teacher training certification, group classes, retreats and workshops


Babette Sughrue

Transformational Mindset Coach

Sound Healing Practitioner


Since 1990, I’ve helped people of all ages break through obstacles using a gentle, compassionate approach. It would be my privilege to help you learn successful ways to navigate anything that is standing in the way of your peace of mind,  happiness and fulfillment. I am dedicated to teaching the transformative value of positive thought, and the beauty and power of the mind to create your ideal self and ideal life. Feel free to contact me to learn more about:

One on One Coaching, Individual and Group Sound Healing Experiences or Masterclasses tailored to your group's specific needs.

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